Home décor trends 2022

What can be a better time for a home refresh than spring? But if a full renovation isn't part of your plans, giving your space a new look with a new interior design trend 2022 is probably the best option. Check these home décor trends that are set to make big waves this year.

1. Sunny yellow

Colour can greatly affect our mood and well-being - fact! Brighter, more sunny shades like yellow are associated with optimism and happiness. Thus, they are the perfect pick for promoting positive emotions in your space. Use variations of the primary palette to add interest and vibrancy to every space - this trend is all about colour blocking and expressing your home’s personality through active colour therapy.

You can go big for maximalist design or opt for only splashes of colour, mixing intensive bright with slightly more muted tones to create a great combo. One of the amazing qualities of yellow is that it goes perfectly with many colours, including orange, white, green, pink, blue, brown.

2. Statement headboard

In recent years there has been a move away from sharp rectangular bed designs towards statement shapes. This year many designers agree that 2022 is the year for bold, curvy headboards. It works with both pastel and bold coloured velvets, which can create a visual contrast. Go for a striking silhouette, it can make a timeless addition to any bedroom décor space.

3. Natural textures and materials

The trend started a couple of years ago, and it didin’t look like it would go anywhere. Quite the opposite. In 2022 we will see natural materials much more frequently - from decorative pieces to furniture itself. We'll also see calm, nature-inspired colours and textures become more prevalent, especially in living rooms. 

This trend is a manifestation of slow living, simplicity, and the calm of nature in our homes. Consider organic natural shapes, earthy textures, raw materials, and greenery. Dried flowers in glasses remain hugely popular decorative accessories, matching perfectly fresh indoor plants. They all keep blurring the boundaries between outside-in living.

4. Non-standard vases

Let's face it - you either love them or hate them. Statement, provocative or abstract vases with curved forms are a much talked about 2022 interior décor trend. Grow an entire family of minimalistic pieces of décor or wild characters. Have them along your sideboard, coffee table or shelving unit for an instant wow-factor.

5. Japandi

Japandi is a marriage of Japan and Scandi styles - the type of minimalistic interior design that will be one of the biggest trends of 2022 and probably for many years to come. This style blends together the simplicity and elegance of Japanese interior design and the functionality of Scandinavian style. The Japandi trend includes dark or light wood, other natural materials, light coloured walls and minimal and simple design. Clean lines and open, airy spaces create an effortlessly timeless feel and a very cosy and comfortable look.

This style supports the idea of decluttering and organizing things, which is still extremely important with people continuing to work from home. 

6. Sustainable bedding

The idea of the ultimate comfort at home, which started with the lockdown, has now spread to our bedrooms. Creating the best possible sleep experience is becoming the main focus for us as we consciously adopt a more stress-free approach to living. Thus, many experts predict luxury, natural and sustainable linen and ‘well-bedding’ will be the next big thing. When it comes to colour, all shades of neutrals and green that have a calming effect and represent harmony are perfect.

7. Organic shapes and curves

In interior design more and more round shapes lines are replacing geometrical ones and are dominating with soft, cocooning curves. It is quite possible that their popularity is caused by the fact that they add a comforting sense of tranquillity, balance and security to our rooms.

So, what are they exactly? Organic forms draw inspiration from nature such as rock formations, a leaf, or a landscape. To pass this into your space, try opting for chairs or sofas with rounded corners and soft smooth lines or circular and curved tables.  When it comes to small décor pieces, try unusual shaped mirrors or rugs.


We hope these home décor trends 2022 will help you decorate your space.


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