6 Best Window Coverings to Keep Cold Out
6 Best Window Coverings to Keep Cold Out

With the rise in energy prices in the UK, keeping your house warm without turning the heating on is becoming as important as ever before. Whether you have a cool bedroom, a loft, an attic, or a large room facing north, you can make your space warmer by eliminating any drafts. Luckily, many types of curtains, blinds, and curtain hardware are designed to keep the heat inside. Here are the six best window coverings to keep cold out.

1. Thermal lining for curtains or blinds

First and foremost, start with thermal (blackouts also do the job) lining. Whether you prefer curtains or blinds, each type has thermal fabric. This additional lining is a barrier that stops drafts from a window keeping heat; this is precisely what we are after. And don’t worry about appearance - the lining is attached from the back and is completely hidden by the front fabric.

What type of blind is best for insulation? Roller or Roman blinds can have a thermal option (Romans are best). We do not recommend Vertical or Venetian Blinds as gaps between the slats allow cold air through faster than a thick fabric.

What curtain length is best for insulation? Full-length curtains are the best as short curtains which are just past the windowsill gather the cold air and drop down into the room.

2. French curtain pole

French curtain poles

The French have always had a reputation for fashion, but this pole has much more to offer than just a beautiful look. More importantly, this elegant French-style curtain rod was created to keep the cold out by stopping drafts from and – can be important for bedrooms - light leakage. Due to its curved returns, the curtain hanging from this pole always sits tight against the wall. French poles are great for installing over a window or a door to keep the wind out.

Not suitable for: bay windows of any shape.

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3. Inside fit blinds

You can fit blinds to a window in 2 ways – inside the window recess or outside. For better insulation, choose the inside fit. This way, less cold air gathers between the window and the blind. When the blind hangs outside the recess the cold air drops from behind the blind and falls down into the room.

4. Layered curtains and blinds

Matching curtains and blinds can create an exciting look for better privacy and help keep the room warm. Start with Roman blinds to have a primary fabric colour, then add the complimenting curtains. For extra insulation, pair thermal curtains with thermal blinds. This look is an excellent design option for bay windows of any shape.

Tip: When selecting a colour palette for curtains and blinds, always choose colours that match the surroundings, such as your furnishings or walls. This will make your home’s design more cohesive.

5. Dormer curtain poles for a door covering

Dormer rod

Initially, a dormer rod was created to cover an awkward dormer window. But over time, it has been proven to be efficient in any recessed windows with limited space. Many people in the UK use it on their front doors to eliminate drafts from the most vulnerable place in a house – the hallway.

Tip: make sure that the total weight of your curtain does not exceed the specified weight shown in the product description.

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6. Double curtains

Double curtain poles

Double curtains mean layering at least two sets of curtains, which adds an insulation layer. For example, you can pair a voile and thermal curtains. This arrangement is ideal for keeping the heat inside your home and for privacy. The easiest way to achieve this is to install either double poles or tracks. Many double curtain tracks are bendable, making them ideal for bay windows.


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When eliminating drafts, the aim is to keep curtains as close to the wall and window as possible. These ideas can help you do that and keep the heat in. But remember - there are many other important ways to make your house warmer for winter. Do not forget to check the panes for cracks and cover any leaks with window sealant. You can also consider purchasing or making a draught excluder.


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