Mistakes that make home look cheap

Most of us, even if we’re keen DIYers, have made some home décor mistakes in the past. Probably we’ll do them again in the future because, let’s face it, none of us are perfect. These mistakes make your home look cheaper or lose its individuality. But do not panic, Poles and Blinds can help you find and avoid some of the biggest decorating mistakes people usually make. Take a look at the pictures that can help you fix the problems.

1. Choosing your paint first

This one is probably the biggest mistake. Painting your home is a big job. If you choose the wrong colour, it is not so easy to change your choice of paint without a lot of work.

Interior Design Mistakes

Solution: Choose and purchase your paint colour after you have selected your furniture, carpets, accessories, and so on. Once you’ve made up your mind about them, you can then choose the paint colour that will look good with all the other stuff in your home.

2. Incorrectly measuring your window treatments

Something as simple as measuring your curtain pole or track incorrectly or positioning them too close to the window can make an otherwise spacious room look cramped. Indeed, people often hang poles right above the window. Unfortunately, it makes your room look smaller. 

Solution: How to measure for poles - measure the recess width of the window. Add 15-20 cm each side, depending on the width of your window - this is the area where the curtains pull back to the side of the window opening. For more, go to How To Fit Poles Page. 

Where to place poles - hang your curtain pole around 15 cm above the window frame. That way, the room will look taller and more opened up. As an alternative - use ceiling tracks or poles to create a more dramatic effect of big windows.

3. Choosing one colour for everything

Your home should reflect your personality. And the great way to create an interior that defines your individual style is to select each piece carefully. It might seem easier to match walls, furniture and carpet with the same colour - usually grey or beige. But you’ll also get a room that lacks character.

Solution: try to combine different colours, styles and textures. For example, use a colour palette to know what colours complement each other. A mix of colours can make a room vibrant. Do you have a grey room? Add a black curtain pole and some dark- coloured pillows. Too much beige? Throw some accent colours that go with beige like blue or bright orange.

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4. Using the same fabric everywhere

This one is similar to the previous mistake. One of the things that make your home look cheaper - but many people actually think it is enhancing their decor - is using the exact same or very similar fabric for a room or even the whole home. So many people think that having matching fabric is the most sophisticated choice. However, any interior designer will tell you that, actually, it can look a bit tacky.

Solution: Have different, but complementary fabrics on your cushions, couch, window treatments, footstools, etc. It will give your home a more put-together designer touch. For example, like on the image above.

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5. Choosing a very small rug 

Another common home decor faux pas is choosing a small rug for a large room. This can have the effect of making your space look like there has been no effort put into it. Ideally, a rug should be large enough to fit right under your furniture. 

Solution: If you can’t afford a large rug, try pulling the furniture a little closer to the edge of the rug, like in one image above. Thus, the empty space between the furniture and the rug won’t seem so large.

6. Putting furniture against the walls

Speaking of furniture, it’s probably a good idea to never place it right up against the walls. Why? Because rather counterintuitively it can actually make your rooms seem smaller than they are.

Solution: Pull your furniture away from the walls and try to find the optimum placement for them where they are not only free from the walls but can also be grouped together. It will give the illusion of space and will increase the coziness in your home.

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7. Using fake plants and flowers

Decorating your space with fake plants and flowers can be tempting because they are cheaper and easy to look after. However, they are one of those things that cheapen your home because they mostly don’t fool anyone and they just end up gathering dust.

Solution: Ditch them for the real thing. Take a look at the picture above - real plants look way better and are great for your well-being.



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We hope these tips and interior design examples from popular bloggers helped you decorate your dream home without a mistake.


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