Kid's Bedroom Ideas

Life can be so much more enjoyable by introducing colour as well as a sense of fun to your home. Creating the decor for a kids bedroom really gives you the opportunity to “go for it”, using colours which would normally not even be a consideration for any other room in the house.
Your child’s childhood is so short so although you will want to enjoy them being with you at home, everyone needs a “break”, so encourage them to want to spend some time on their own or with their friends or siblings by making their bedroom a really fun place to be.

Pretty baby girl smiling
A childs bedroom should be a fun place to be.

If you are not sure where to start or feel a little daunted by the task ahead, start off with white walls and paintwork, then with a few minimal changes the decoration can grow with the child, as it is important that the decor is fun as well as age appropriate.

Blackout Curtains and Blinds

Your childs bedroom should also be a place associated with rest at the appropriate time from a very young age. Fitting a blackout blind or blackout curtains may help if your child is a light sleeper or needs a little encouragement to have an afternoon nap. This may also extend their length of time asleep especially in the summer months. Blackout blinds or curtains are available in many colours and patterns so can blend with the other window coverings, bedding and decorations.

A wooden curtain pole gives you the option of added an extra level of interest to your curtains by painting the pole yourself in a colour that is featured elsewhere in the colour scheme.

Fun with fabrics

Childrens bedroom with a tent made from the fabric that twins with the main curtain fabric.
Wooden flooring makes an easy clean surface which is ideal for busy areas.

With a few metres of fabric, you can help the fun feeling along by creating camps, castles or princess bedrooms.
When your children are small you may well have lots of toys around, but as they grow you find you will change your living space with them. Try to maintain your own unique taste in colour and style, not try to copy some catalogue or to what others may think or expect.

Girls Bedrooms

Girls bedroom with a voile bed drape over the length of the bed.
Decorating the wall behind a feature in a different colour will ensure it makes a statement.

Kids love to climb, hide and “get into things", so encourage their sense of fun by perhaps fixing a few climbing holds or a frame on the wall.
But with lots "going on" keep the colours to the same mellow hues or contrasting primary colours or your new decor will tend to look an ill thought through messy jumble of colours

If you've got it - flaunt it

Brightly coloured lime green and turquoise childrens bedroom with matching wall art.
Serious time and effort has clearly created a "show stopper" of a bedroom

Painting small areas such as the skirting boards and door surrounds in a bright colour that is themed with the curtains, blinds or bedding makes a colourful splash. Alternatively you could take a great leap of faith in your own judgement and really get down to some seriously “high impact” decorating.

Boys Bedrooms

Colourful paints in creative designs can easily be altered when you tire of them.

Keeping the walls and floors in a neutral colour makes it easier to go for knock out colours with the bedding and other features in the room.

Even if the room only needs to cater for one child, sleepovers are very much a sign of the times so bunk beds or a “goes-under” second bed that folds away under the first bed will take some of the hassle out of having to get the camp bed out of the garage.

Kids love to show off

Kids love to show off their ideas and favourite things, its a way they can express who they are from an early stage, so plenty of storage will be needed for their toys and games that are not the current flavour of the week. If you are especially inventive, you can create some fabulously fun bedrooms which may also become a nightmare to try to keep clean.

Boat themed childs bedroom with the bed made from an old clinker built dingy.
Yours childs passion or personality can be expressed in the decor of their bedroom.

5 Tips for Childrens Bedrooms

• Make the decor to your child’s liking which is not necessarily to your liking and let them decide when it is time for their current favourite “things” to be put aside for something more “grown-up”.
• Keep things focused in sections with an area for lounging with plenty of floor cushions or bean bags and if you have the space, an area with a desk or small table to encourage creative play and then later, an area for homework.
• A television in the bedroom is not a good idea especially as backlit screens are now known to interfere with sleep patterns.
• Fitting a line of string at high level along one wall to peg their handy work looks very cute and also displaying their creative work on the walls will give them encouragement to develop their practical skills.
• A shelf on an adjoining wall, also at high level, makes a good place to put "best books" and rarely used toys, leaving as much space at their level for frequently used toys and free floor area for play.