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Curtain Pole Brackets & Connectors

Brackets and Accessories

We stock a comprehensive range of curtain brackets and connectors. Here you will find everything from top fix brackets and wall fix brackets to elbow joints, extendable brackets and double pole brackets.

Extendable Brackets

This type of bracket allows a curtain pole to be adjusted towards or away from the wall . This is a great solution if any obstacles in the window are hindering the function of the curtains such as deep window architrave or handles. Eyelet curtains that have a deep “S” shaped wave which can sometimes scuff the wall when opening and closing; an extendable curtain rail bracket will allow the drapes to be brought forward to eliminate this problem.

Brackets for Double Curtain Poles

Our range of double brackets are designed to allow 2 curtain poles to fit over one window. Usually the larger rod is fitted in the front position with the main curtains and the thinner diameter at the back with the light weight drapes, sheers or nets. This is a great security solution as the voile can remain closed allowing light into the room while obstructing views into the property from the outside.

Wall Fitting Pole Supports

These include all types of wood and metal which can be fixed to the wall. We supply both types of wall fixing brackets. A decorative cylinder style with a circular backplate and cover, or a pressed metal support with a right angled plate for fixing. Different supports have alternative projections, the details and measurements of which can be found on each product page.

Ceiling Fixing Brackets

This is a great solution for hanging a curtain pole in front of a window where there is limited or no wall space. This style usually has a short projection to reduce on the light gap above the curtain and gives a neat overall look. We stock a wide range of top fix curtain rail brackets - most are universal so they can be fitted to the wall, ceiling or top of a window recess.

Recess Fixings Brackets

Our range of curtain pole recess fixing brackets allow a curtain pole to fit inside a window recess or a recess gap between 2 walls, much like a rail would inside a wardrobe.

Passover Supports

When used in conjunction with passing rings or ‘C rings’, these rings allow drapes to simply pass over this type of support, giving your curtain the freedom to glide easily around bends in bay windows, or as extra supports for hanging heavy drapes. Please be sure you choose the correct corresponding rings for the system to work.

Corner Joints and Connectors

Connectors are used to join two curtain poles together to create longer lengths. For metal rods a joining piece is available in the corresponding diameter which fits inside the poles. A simple double sided screw is used to join the two wooden rods together and an extra bracket is used to support the join.

Corner Joints allow two poles to join together and adjust to the desired angles for fitting inside a bay window, they can achieve angles from straight (180 degrees) to a right angle (90 degrees).