Fixing Brackets for Walls

We have a large collection of metal and wooden wall fix / face fixing curtain pole brackets. Our filter enables you to search through which products support which diameter poles, materials, prices, colours and brands. All projections from the wall to the centre of the pole as well as height and width dimensions can be found within the specification of each product.

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Types of Face Fix Brackets

There are 3 types of face fix brackets, the standard metal pressed support which has a right angled plate with multiple holes for screw fixing, a decorative cylindrical support which has a circular backplate with multiple fixing holes and a backplate cover. Architrave pole supports are designed to fit on the thin area of the window frame and are generally intended for wooden poles.

Things to Consider When Purchasing your Brackets

When purchasing supports for an existing curtain pole we recommend two per pole and three with all lengths of 240cm (94 1/2") and over, or if the rod is supplied in two pieces. If you’re purchasing a pole, brackets and components separately we recommend sticking to the same range as colours and diameters can sometimes slightly vary.

The diameter of the pole that the brackets is intended to be used for  is stated in the product name but can also be filtered in our left hand side navigation.

Huge Range of Curtain Poles

Please also browse our huge collection of curtain poles in many styles, materials and colours. We sell curtain poles in dozens of different woods (oak, mahogany, beech etc). We also have a comprehensive range of metal curtain poles (chrome, steel, brass etc) - many special paint finishes. Most are available complete with matching finials. Please contact us if you need any help or advice or if you are having trouble finding what you’re looking for.