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Curtain Track Guides

guides to measuring and fitting curtain tracks

You will find all the information required for you to choose your curtain track as well as detailed instructions on how to measure your window and fit your tracks.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for then please use the Live Help button to the right or call us and one of our sales team will be happy to help you.

Measuring InstructionsBack to top

Measuring An Existing Track

To replace an existing track with a new one, simply measure the total length of this track.

Order the next size up, nearest to your measurement, from the curtain track selection. These curtain tracks can be easily trimmed to size at home, follow individual product information for details.

Do I measure in Centimetres or Inches?

You can measure in either unit as all Poles and Blinds products may be ordered in the unit you prefer.


Measuring for New Track


  • Start by measuring the recess width of the window, shown as "A". measuring for curtain tracks inside window recess

    Now measure each side of the window recess, shown as "B" and "C", to ensure you have enough space for your curtains to be pulled back, and then use the table below for a guide on how much to add for each side of the window. measure for curtain tracks outside the window recess


Add these three measurements together, B + A + C, and this will give you the length of track you need. For example, if your recess "A" is 190cm, then you would add 20cm for each side, as this is the recommendation nearest to your measurement from the table below. This means you need a track of 230cm and you would order the next size up on the site and trim it to fit. For expert advice with unusual or difficult windows please contact us.


Recess "A"

Add the measurement below to each side of the recess "A"

100cm (40")

15cm (6")

180cm (71")

20cm (8")

240cm (95")

25cm (10")

360cm (142")

35cm (14")

480cm (190")

45cm (18")

600cm (237")

52cm (21")

Handy HintsBack to top

Curtain track hints and advice on measuring and fitting


Use a metal tape measure and, if possible get someone to help, especially with large windows.

Ensure that bracket depth for your chosen track will fit in the space above your window before ordering.

Track lengths can be easily trimmed using a hacksaw. Ensure you have measured correctly before cutting.


Types of TracksBack to top

The following guide will help you decide which track will suit your style of windows, curtains and decor.


Which Curtain Track will support the weight of my curtains?

The most important factor to consider when choosing your track will be the weight of your curtains. Metal curtain tracks are generally considered to be stronger than plastic tracks, however, other factors include the thickness, quality and size of the track, the brackets and the curtain runners.

To ensure that you order the right product, please check the recommended curtain weights, which are included on the different track product pages.

If you are unsure of the suitability of a product, our team will be happy to advise you, simply call or email us, before you place your order.


View all Track for Heavy Weight Curtains.


Metal and Plastic Curtain Tracks


metal and plastic curtain tracks and rails


Metal curtain tracks are supplied as white coated steel or aluminium, mostly with a Teflon coating to ensure a smooth, quiet glide.
We recommend a metal track for hanging heavy weight curtains in the majority of installations.

The range of metal tracks available include many that can be cut to size with a hacksaw, simply check the details on the product page.

Plastic curtain tracks, manufactured from tough PVC, are usually more pliable than metal and we would recommend these for bay windows, especially in a curved bay.

All Poles & Blinds tracks are supplied with the necessary number of brackets, gliders and fixings and include full fitting instructions.


Click here to start shopping for Curtain Track.


Uncorded Curtain Tracks

Uncorded curtain tracks are the simplest and easiest to fit for most types of curtains, again this does depend on your curtain weight.

When you order one of our uncorded curtain track kits always choose the next available size up to your required length, they are easy to trim at home.

The Uncorded Track range is available in both metal and plastic, as well as different colours and finishes.


View all Uncorded Curtain Track.


Corded Curtain Tracks


Corded curtain tracks


Corded curtain tracks and rails are the ideal choice for ease of curtain operation and protecting your curtains from the rigours of daily use.

All corded curtain tracks are supplied with a cross over arm to overlap the curtains when they are closed.

With heavy curtains on a corded curtain rail in lengths of 400cms and over, we recommend a Made to Measure curtain track with split cording, allowing each curtain to be operated by its own cording mechanism.

Most styles of curtain tracks supplied by PolesandBlinds are available corded or uncorded.


Click here to start shopping for Corded Curtain Track.


Bay Window Curtain Tracks


Bay window curtain tracks and rails


Before you choose your bay window track, please follow the Bay Window measuring guide to establish how many sides your bay window has. This will determine your choice from out range of hand bendable or made to measure tracks.

Bendable curtain tracks for bay windows

Supplied as corded or uncorded, bendable curtain track kits may be trimmed and shaped to fit your bay window.
Each of these tracks are supplied with the necessary amounts of brackets for wall or ceiling fixing, gliders and come with full fitting and bending instructions.

Made to Measure curtain tracks for bay windows

For a more professional finish we recommend Made to Measure curtain tracks, especially for the heavier curtains, supplied as corded or uncorded.

Extra options are available including wall or ceiling fixing and control cord length.

You may choose the option of split cording for your bay window track, which is recommended when hanging heavy curtains on lengths of 400cm (158") and over.

How to order Made to Measure Bay Window Curtain Track

Simply download a bay measuring form from the product page of your chosen curtain track, fill in the required measurements and email the completed form back to us. We will then check your measurements before your curtain track is ordered and confirm your instructions, usually with a phone call at your convenience.


View all Curtain Track for Bay Windows.


Top Fix Curtain Tracks


Metal curtain track top fix


If you require your curtain track to fix to the top of your window recess or to a ceiling you will find a link in curtain track types that shows all tracks which are available with this option.


View all Ceiling Fixing Curtain Track


Double Curtain Tracks

For a sumptuous look we recommend installing Double Curtain Tracks, most often used as a layered effect with a pair of curtains and a set of nets or voiles in the same window.

Tracks for double curtains are ideal for privacy and security with the net curtains remaining closed, but easy to fully open both, where access such as through a patio door is needed.


Click here to view all Double Curtain Track


Extra Long Curtain Tracks

Click this choice in the Curtain Track section to find all the tracks which are available in lengths up to 600cm (236").

The range includes all options available for normal length tracks, with the additional fixtures and fittings necessary to cover the length, however for hanging heavier curtains we recommend a track with split cording ( independent cord for each curtain ).

Our selection of extra long curtain tracks includes track which can be ceiling fixed, trimmed to length at home, hand bendable and double tracks, many with the corded or uncorded option.


View all Extra Long Curtain Tracks


Extendable Curtain Tracks

The perfect solution for hanging curtains quickly or in a temporary situation. Available in a range of sizes, choose the size which includes your length requirement when ordering.

Extendable curtain tracks from Poles and Blinds are supplied as a complete kit and are corded for ease of curtain operation. These telescopic curtain tracks are recommended for hanging all weights of curtain, with the exception of particularly heavy weight curtains. If you have any doubts about suitability of this system for your curtains, just give us a call .


Click here to view all Extendable Curtain Tracks


Track and Valance Rails


Curtain track and valance rail


Curtain track with attached valance rails are available as complete kits, including an extendable version, for all widths of window up to 550cm (216").

This style of curtain track allows you to hang a decorative valance or pelmet to hide the workings of the track and create a traditional style of curtain dressing.

A similar effect may be created by choosing a double curtain track, where the valance is fitted on the front rail. Using this type of kit allows you the flexibility to easily change your curtain dressing to a layered treatment in the future.


View all Curtain Track with Valance Rails


Made to Measure Curtain Tracks

To exactly fit to your requirements, Poles and Blinds recommend the Made to Measure option.

According to your choice of product, the options of wall or ceiling fitting, corded or uncorded, double track or track and valance and even specifying whether a single or pair of curtains will be hung, are all available.

If your track is corded you can choose left or right hand cord controls and single or split cording. For heavy weight curtains, especially on track lengths over 400cm, we recommend split cording, which will evenly distribute the weight.

Control cord length and colour is a choice with most of the Made to Measure corded track.

The Made to Measure service is available for all window types including multiple bend and curved bay windows. PolesandBlinds have a dedicated team to help you with your Made to Measure requirements, simply give us a call.



Electric Curtain Tracks

For the ultimate in modern living, the Made to Measure service includes the option for Electric Curtain Track. This option may be particularly useful for any situation where accessibility to your window dressing is limited or for users who have limited mobility. Operating from remote control, these tracks can use a light sensor or timer for automatic action, and have the added advantage of additional security when the house is empty.