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Dormer Rods, Portiere Rods & Drapery Arms


Within this section you will find our full range of Portiere Rods and Drapery Arms in a selection of colours, finishes, lengths and styles to suit all window styles. Our filter navigation helps you find exactly what you are looking for by allowing you to filter through the colours, diameters, suitable weights and brands.

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Cameron Fuller 19mm Ball Metal Dormer Rod
£119.99 £136.00
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Cameron Fuller 19mm Metal French Curtain Pole
£134.40 £143.00
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French style curtain poles can help with a better night’s sleep

French curtain poles are a fantastic solution for reducing light in your chosen room making them ideal for bedrooms. If you want to enjoy an undisturbed nights sleep, especially in the summer months when the sun sets later and rises earlier, or if you have children whose sleep patterns are disturbed by too much light, these curtain poles could be the answer.

Inspired by classic French décor, the styling is nice and simple. Rather than having decorative finials, these curtain poles return back to the wall allowing your curtains to cover the sides of your windows to reduce light leakage. Our French poles can handle weights of up to 14kg, so hanging curtains with blackout lining will be most effective.

Door Curtains for keeping out cold and drafts

A "Portiere" is a curtain hung over a door. Portiere Rods are used for stopping cold drafts from entering the room, providing better insulation and reduce heating costs.

The long bracket of the rod screws into the surrounding frame of the door (the door jamb or door post), then a bracket or swivel arm screws into the door itself. As the door pulls open the system lifts the curtain slightly to keep the fabric from dragging underneath the door. When the door is closed the system relaxes back and lowers the curtain to floor level again.

Swing arm curtain poles for Dormer windows, doors and recessed windows

Dormer Rods, (or Drapery Arms as they are otherwise known) are designed for hanging curtains, nets or voiles in a dormer style window, or a small recess area where there is little or no space to pull curtains back away from the window.

The bracket hinge allows the curtains to swing away from the window by swinging the rod itself with the curtains attached rather than drawing curtains up and down like a conventional curtain pole.