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Roller Blinds Guide

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How to Measure for Roller Blinds

  • 1. Use a metal tape measure for accuracy. Make sure that you also have a pencil and paper to write down the measurements as you take them to ensure you have written them down correctly.
  • 2. For a recess blind (inside the window opening), check that there are not any protruding window fittings or wall tiles. Measure in three places, writing down the smallest of the measurements. Now measure the drop on the right, left, and in centre of the window. Again make a note of the smallest measurement.
  • 3. For an exact blind (across the front of the window opening), decide how much you want the blind to extend beyond the window opening. It is a matter of choice, but you will need to take into account anything such as radiators or shelving that is under the window.
  • 4. For a standard roller blind you need to add at least 5 cm to each side of the window and at least 7cm to the drop. For blackout roller blinds you may wish to add a little extra to these measurements to ensure there is not any light seepage around the edges of the blind.

How to Fit Roller Blinds

HOW TO FIT AN EXACT ROLLER BLIND (across the front of the window)

1. Mark the centre of the window opening at the height above the window where you wish to fit the blind.

2. Mark the centre of the roller blind to ensure that you will be fitting the blind in the correct position.

3. Place the fixing brackets into the ends of the roller blind and hold the blind in the correct fixing position and mark the screw holes.

4. Now remove the brackets from the ends of the blind, drill the holes and fit the brackets.

5. Fit the blind into the brackets with the blind fully wound around the roller tube. Check the blind runs smoothly.

HOW TO FIT A RECESS ROLLER BLIND (inside the window recess)

1. In this position you can either Face Fix the blind directly to the window frame if there are no obstructions such as window handles or air vent controls to consider, or Top Fix the blind to the ceiling of the window recess. You can fit the blind in any position within the recess depending on factors such as if you wish the blind to clear anything placed on the window sill.

2. Measure the width of the blind and mark the centre point on the blind.

3. Measure the window opening and mark the middle of the window.

4. Fit the brackets into the ends of the blind and line the blind up with the central positions to mark the position of the brackets for the location of the screw fixing holes.

5. Take the blind down and remove the brackets.

6. If you are Face Fixing the blind directly to a wooden window frame, simply start the holes using a bradawl and then screw the brackets to the frame. Alternatively, if you are Top Fixing the blind to the ceiling of the window opening, drill the holes, fit the rawlplugs and screw the brackets into position.

7. Make sure the blind is fully wound around the cylinder, fit the blind into brackets, and check all is working correctly.

For both types of Roller Blinds please ensure that you fit the child safety device.

Guide to the Most Popular Type Of Blinds

Roller blinds are very popular as they combine practicality with great colours, textures and customising options. With a huge range of fabrics, we are confident we have a blind for every room. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please use the Live Help button to the right or call us on the number provided and one of the team will be happy to help you!

Made to Measure - just for youBack to top

A bespoke choice of blind made according to your measurements and with your options listed below. Our range of made to measure roller blinds has been one of most popular products for some time. We think this is because we offer a great range of styles and fabrics coupled with an easy-to-use online blind configurator, ensuring you get exactly the roller blind you were looking for

A Blind for Many Rooms

Our range of fabrics used to make these blinds include some with special properties such as flame retardant, wipe clean, dim-out, blackout, moisture resistant and Teflon coated. Blinds with these special fabric properties can be selected using our filter navigation. Wipe Clean blinds are great for kitchen, bathroom or children's play areas. We also have a range of Blackout blinds, some of our most popular ranges which do exactly what the name suggests, they keep your room dark (and cool). Our blackout blinds are perfect for children's bedrooms, keeping them dark and cool in the summer.

Roller Blinds for Bathrooms

Beautiful coordination in the bathroom with these lovely blinds

Raise and lowering controls

Choose either of these 2 controls for opening and closing the blind:

1) The Spring Mechanism

  • A pre-sprung device: to close the roller blind, hold the bottom edge and lower to the required height, and to open the blind, pull the bottom edge to activate the pre-coiled spring mechanism.
  • You can choose from a selection of decorative pull cords when ordering your blind.

2) The Sidewinder Mechanism (recommended)

  • A cog and looped chain device at the side of the blind, which opens and closes the blind when pulled. You may order your blind with a sidewinder fitted on the left or right.
  • The sidewinder mechanism is recommended as the best choice for ease of use


Roller Blind Decorative Options

  • Various shapes for the bottom edge
  • Decorative pole bottom edge inserts (used only with certain edge shapes)
  • Colour co-ordinating braiding
  • Coloured control chains
  • Decorative pull cords

Perfect Blinds for a Child's Bedroom - Blackout and Cool

A lovely bedroom acentuated with bright red blinds


  • Exact or recess fitting
  • Ceiling or wall fixing
  • Standard or reverse roll option (standard – the fabric rolls from the back of the roll, reverse – the fabric rolls from the front of the roll)


Special Finishes

Some roller blinds are available with additional finishes or types of fabric, as listed below. To show these blinds, simply select the appropriate filter when viewing the range.

  • Flame Retardant (great for kitchen blinds)
  • Wipe Clean (great in kitchen, playroom or kid's bedroom)
  • Dim-out (perfect for nursery / office with bright sun)
  • Blackout (very popular blinds for children's bedroom when the sun needs to be kept out)
  • Moisture Resistant (brilliant for use in bathroom, WC and shower rooms)
  • Teflon Coated

Click here to start shopping for Made to Measure Roller Blinds.


Ready Made - just measure and fitBack to top

A bright ready-made roller blind in the kitchen

Click on the Ready Made Blinds selection for a wide choice of stunning blinds in various widths. All have a standard drop of 170cms (67"), which may be trimmed to your required length at home. Fixings are either wall or ceiling and most blinds have a sidewinder control as standard. The Ready Made Roller blinds selection includes blackout blinds which are excellent for light control and, most of all to ensure a good night's sleep. Roller Ready Made Blinds are a sensible choice for kitchen blinds

 Click here to start shopping for Ready Made Roller Blinds.


More Information on Blind Styles

At Poles & Blinds we sell several styles and types of blinds in hundreds of fabrics and designs. Please use the links below to view our other information pages on the various styles of blinds we sell online.