Swish Elements Belgravia 28mm 3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole - 400cm (Wall Fix)

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  • 400cm (157 1/2") long, 28mm diameter Swish curtain pole for 'splayed shaped' 3 sided bay windows.
  • Curtains pull form sides to centre window unhindered using passing rings and passing brackets.
  • Supplied as a complete kit, cut poles to length at home to fit your bay.

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  • 1 x Swish Elements Belgravia 28mm 3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole - 400cm (Wall Fix)


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The Swish Belgravia is designed to fit a 3 sided window and includes all necessary bay curtain poles and components in the kit to allow you to pull a pair of curtains from the sides to the centre windows using passing curtain rings and passing brackets.


Please note - the Belgravia is suitable for 'splayed shape' bay windows as shown in the product diagram. Curtains will have difficulty pulling around the corners with a 'right angle' (square or rectangular) shape bay window due to the single hinge corner joint supplied with this kit.


If you have a right angle (square or rectangular) shape bay window, see 500cm Swish 3 Sided Bay Curtain Pole 28mm Wall Fix.


If this system is too small for your bay, see 500cm Swish 3 Sided Bay Pole 28mm Wall Fix.


The Belgravia has a 28mm (1 1/8") diameter, a 400cm (157 1/2") length and is suitable for hanging heavy weight curtains of up to 15kg. The kit includes the following components -

  • 1 x 200cm (78 3/4") pole.
  • 2 x 100cm (39 3/8") poles.
  • 3 x Extendable brackets (wall fix).
  • 4 x Extendable passing brackets (wall fix).
  • 4 x Elements curtain rings.
  • 26 x Elements passing rings.
  • 2 x Corner joints.
  • 2 x Belgravia finials.

Swish Bay Pole Brackets Dimensions


Poles can be cut to length at home. Cutting your pole down to meet your required length couldn't be easier, remove the finials by loosening the tiny grub screw on the collar with the supplied allen key, then cut using a fine tooth saw.


Supplied with wall fixing brackets. The Swish brackets are easy to fit, extra strong and extendable which allows you to alter the projection of your curtain pole from the wall to suit. Fix the brackets to the wall (or face fixing surface) with the supplied rawl plugs and colour coordinating standard fixing screws.


A ceiling fixing version of this bay pole is available - 'click here' to view.


Curtains pull from sides to centre windows. Attach your curtains to the rings, the passing rings pull over the passing brackets which are marked in green in the product diagram. The passing brackets are support aids only, so the standard brackets marked in red secure the pole and prevent your curtains from travelling further.


Important information to ensure this product functions correctly.

  • Make sure the top of the curtain sits below the bottom of the curtain rings, i.e. your curtain hooks should be located in the top pockets of the curtain heading tape.
  • When pulling the curtain, ensure the leading edge of the curtain is held no lower than 5 inches (12cm) below the first curtain ring, otherwise it will cause the passing rings to catch on the passing brackets. 



Corner joints fit between two poles to create an angle bend. Easy to flex to meet the angles of your bay window, the corner joint is a single hinge and allows for angles from straight (180 degrees) to a right angle (90 degrees). Recommended only for 'splayed shape' bays as shown in product diagram above.


  • Select your required colour length and see the ‘Specification’ tab for sizes, projections and inventory.
  • 400cm (157 1/2") total length, 28mm (1 1/8") diameter poles.
  • Free & Fast Delivery.
  • Allows curtains to glide from the sides to centre windows.
  • Suitable for heavy weight curtains of up to 15kg.
  • Poles can be cut to length using a fine tooth saw.
  • Wall fix brackets with an adjustable projection - can be top (ceiling) fixed by purchasing the Swish Top Fix Brackets - see the 'related items'.
  • A ceiling fix version of this bay pole is also available - see the 'related items'.
  • Extra brackets and curtain rings are available - see the 'related items'.
  • Coordinating Swish curtain holdbacks are available to complete the look - see the 'related items'.
  • A Bend Bay Kit is available for returning your curtain pole back into the room - see the 'related items'.

Please note - eyelet curtains and tab top curtains are unsuitable for this system as it requires your curtains to hang on the passing rings to work properly.

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