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How to Video Guide to Blinds

Our helpful video guides to fitting and measuring Blinds

Video Guides from Poles&Blinds

We have spent many hours producing a set of short but hopefully useful videos with the aim of helping you to measure and fit your bllnds. These videos have been made by us, for you to ensure you measure up properly and fit your blinds effectively and without any stress. Both the Directors at PolesandBlinds have contributed to these videos. Please scroll down for Jonathan's video guides, or click the GREEN links for Angela's

Our New Videos have arrived...

The links on the right are our very latest short video guides covering everything from measuring, buying and fitting. Please take your time to watch our videos and let us know if you think we have missed anything. Thank you for visiting these information pages and we hope they answer some questions.

We have been selling blinds online for many years. Our staff are trained to understand the problems you may experience when measuring and then fitting for new blinds. These video guides are the result of Angela's many years of experience working as an interior designer. We hope you enjoy them.



How to Measure for a new Roller BlindBack to top 

A quick and easy to follow video guide on how to measure your window for a roller blind that is fitted either flush in the recess or across the front of your window frame. This gives you the required measurement information to place your order for made to measure roller blinds.

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We hope you found this video guides useful. Please browse our range of blinds available to buy online today from these links


How to Fit Venetian Blinds in a Bay WindowBack to top 

A short video from Jonathan to help you understand the best method of installing your new Roller Blinds in to a Bay Window. Bay windows can be tricky when it comes to choosing and fitting window coverings. In this video from PolesandBlinds, Jonathan demonstrates how to install a set of made to measure, metal venetian blinds, in a three-sided modern bay window. Jonathan shows just how easy it is to fit these blinds, and in just a few minutes, transforms the bay window into a chic, contemporary look

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We hope you have found this video useful. If you would lile to browse our range of Venetian blinds available to buy online today, please follow these links

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How to Fit Roller BlindsBack to top 

A short video from Jonathan Jonathan Broughton showing how to put up a roller blind, in this case where blinds are behind curtains. You will need are a pencil, bradawl (or large screw/nail) to start the marked holes for the drill bit, screwdriver (hand or powered), power drill with the right size masonry bit for the wall plugs you are using and, Jonathan's top tip, a little box to catch the drilling dust, keeping any mess to a minimum. Jonathan demonstrates the fitting of a blackout blind behind eyelet curtains, in this case inside a narrow window recess.

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We hope you have found our video guides useful. If you would lile to browse our range of blinds available to buy online today, please follow these links