5 Tips To Keep House Cool with Curtains & Blinds

With the heatwave these summer months in the UK, it becomes increasingly important to find ways to keep our homes and flats cool and comfortable. One effective method is to use window treatments like blinds and curtains. These versatile solutions help regulate the amount of sunlight and heat entering your room. In this blog post, we will share 5 tips to keep the house cool by using blinds and curtains to create a cool place even on the hottest days.

1. Light-coloured curtains & blinds

Light-coloured curtains & blinds


Choosing the appropriate window treatments is crucial for maintaining a cool room. Choose blinds and curtains made of light-coloured and lightweight materials such as cotton, linen, or sheer fabrics. The reason is simple - lighter colours reflect sunlight rather than absorb it, helping to keep the room cooler.

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2. Blackout curtains and blinds

Blackout curtains and blinds


Curtains not only add an element of elegance to a room but can also provide effective heat insulation. Consider blackout fabrics with insulating properties. These fabrics not only block out sunlight but also prevent heat from penetrating your room, keeping it pleasantly cool.

3. Maximizing airflow with blinds

Maximizing airflow with blinds

Blinds are an excellent choice for controlling the amount of sunlight and airflow entering your room. This works exceptionally well if windows face north and opening the blinds will not affect the direct sunlight entering the room. Vertical blinds with adjustable slats allow you to easily regulate the amount of light coming in, while horizontal blinds can be tilted to direct sunlight away from the room. When the temperature drops in the evening, opening the blinds can facilitate cross ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the space.

4. Doubling up with layers

Window Coverings to Keep Cold Out: Double Curtains

Image by TANYA (@home.style.interior)


Consider layering your window treatments to create a cool oasis. Start with net curtains to diffuse direct sunlight and get privacy during the daytime. Then, add thermal or blackout curtains to provide an extra barrier against heat. The combination of double curtains allows you to have more control over light, temperature, and privacy, creating an optimal environment for relaxation. To achieve this, use double curtain poles or double tracks.

Double Poles   Double Tracks
Double poles   Double tracks


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5. Smart use of timing

Smart use of timing


When the sun is at its peak, close your blinds and curtains to block out the direct sunlight. This will help maintain a cooler temperature throughout the day. Once the sun starts to set and the temperature drops, open your window treatments to allow fresh air to circulate.


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Keeping your room cool during hot summer days doesn't have to be a daunting task. By strategically using window treatments like blinds and curtains, you can effectively control the amount of sunlight and heat entering your space while adding a touch of style to your interiors. Experiment with different combinations, materials, and colours to find the perfect window treatment solution. It will not only keep you cool but also complements your style. So, get ready to enjoy a refreshingly cool room all summer long!


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