Get your windows winter ready

As the colder months draw in, it’s important to get your home ready for the winter, and that includes taking a look at your windows. The windows are a place where heat can escape your home, and cold air can come in. So, save on your energy bills and keep your household warm and toasty with Poles and Blinds tips for getting your windows winter ready.

1. Find out what type of windows you have

Firstly, take a look at your windows and figure out what type of glazing they have in the panes. Single-glazed windows offer very little to no insulation, so make sure to insulate your home. Whether you’re purchasing thicker exterior doors or adding insulation to your walls or loft space, it’s important to take the same proactive attitude with your windows.

If you have the budget available, then it’s worth opting for the best window glazing that’s out there. The more layers, the more it’s going to keep out that winter cold, whilst also helping to keep your energy bills lower. Replace the single-glazed window to keep the cold air away. With that alone, you’re going to make a big difference in how your home feels in temperature.

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2. Inspect the windows for cracks

Windows aren’t invincible, and just like your doors, they can warp or crack during extreme weather conditions or dramatic changes in temperature. It’s worth going around each window frame and panel to check for any cracks in the panes themselves. You can place your hand as hover over the window to feel for any leaking of cold air and to make doubly sure that all your windows are still in good condition.

If you find that any of your windows have cracks in them, get a window repair service out to see if the panel itself can be replaced or whether it’s worth replacing the whole window. It’s worth doing this so that you can keep your home warm in winter.

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3. Cover any leaks with sealant

There are some great sealants out there that are fantastic for covering any air leaks and helping bind your windows to the wall again. Due to ageing and natural wear and tear, you may find cracks start to form around the window frames themselves. It’s good to use the right window treatments in order to help seal any cracks that could be causing cold air to drift into your home.

A rubber weather sealant is going to be helpful to invest in because it’s something you can pull out as and when it’s needed. It won’t affect the appearance of your windows, and it’s an easy DIY job that takes just a few minutes to complete. If you’re not sure of what type of adhesive to use, it’s always good to check online or with your window manufacturers to see what they suggest.

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4. Purchase thermal curtains or blinds


As much as it can be useful to seal any cracks in the window’s framing and ensuring you have double or triple glazed windows, cold air can still come in. With that in mind, the right window coverings can really help to lock in the warmth and to keep the cold air at bay. Whether it’s curtains or blinds that you prefer, there are thermal options for both out there. Thermal blinds are great for the winter because they are layered with thermal linings. You can choose between ones that let in the light and also ones that block the light from coming in. Blackout blinds or curtains are a great choice for the bedrooms, with the light filtering shades in your communal areas.

It’s a great investment to make, especially if your current selection of blind or curtains is not quite doing the best in keeping out the cold air!

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5. Make or buy a draft snake

Saving on your energy bills is important, so use these additional ways to keep your home warm. For example, consider draft snakes (also known as draft stoppers). You can usually find them at the bottom of doors to keep the cold air out. Generally, they are in the form of a snake - hence their name - and have thermal material in them. This can help to keep the cold air out and are fairly easy to make. You can also get them from various home stores. Make sure that when it comes to making them yourself, that you’re getting the right type of thermal materials to stuff into the snake itself. You’ll also want to measure the length of your windows so that you can fully cover the base of the window frame.

6. Stop Any Rot From Occurring

Not all windows are made out of PVC, with some traditionally being made out of wood. For those windows that are made out of wooden frames, you’ll want to keep on top of maintaining it so that it doesn’t rot. Rotting frames will lead to the windows becoming compromised, and you then will have to replace them. You can treat the wooden frames will the right outdoor paint and sealants. It’s worth knowing exactly what type of wood you’re working with, and if in doubt, you can always get the professionals out to help.

7. Consider Double Curtains

Double curtain poles are one more great solution to keep cold air from coming through your windows. They allow you to layer your window treatments with two pairs of curtains hanging simultaneously from the same fitting. This arrangement is ideal not only for keeping the heat inside your home, but also for privacy.

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Getting your windows winter ready is important to make sure you keep your household warm and snug. Doing all the work now will ensure that you don’t have to do it during the height of winter when it’s going to be really cold. Think about replacing any windows where necessary, and be sure to get thermal blinds or curtains to serve as an extra layer of protection. It’s all worth it to save on your bills and to make your home more energy-efficient too.

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