What are the parts of the curtain pole set?

From finials to centre support brackets, a full curtain pole set includes many parts that come together to help you hang your curtains. If you have never mounted a pole, these names may feel like a foreign language. Understanding what these parts are called and their purposes are extremely helpful in knowing what to expect in your kit. So, let’s learn some basic window treatment vocabulary! Note - this guide is for straight poles only.

1. A curtain pole

Number of items in a set: 1 or 2 for long lengths

Curtain pole


A pole is an essential part of your kit, from which curtains are hung. Poles can be wooden or metal, ranging from 19mm to 55mm in diameter. In your kit, you can have 1 or 2 pieces of a pole, depending on the length of your window. Generally, poles longer than 2 metres come in two pieces for easier transportation and fitting. You can cut to size all poles from Poles & Blinds using a hacksaw, so do not worry if you cannot find the ideal size – order a bit longer and cut at home.


2. Curtain brackets

Number of items in a set: 2 end brackets. Long lengths might include an additional centre support bracket.

Curtain bracket


Curtain brackets are fittings designed to hold the pole from a wall or a ceiling. There are 2 types of them - end brackets and centre support brackets. Your kit will have end brackets and might have a centre bracket if you ordered a pole longer than 2 metres to support the curtain weight. Note – mount all the brackets in the kit so, your pole will serve you for longer. Before buying a bracket, it is important to check a bracket projection – the distance from a wall to centre of the pole. Make sure you are happy with it – too long projection can cause a light leakage from the top, and too small projection can result in insufficient space for curtains. Luckily, some brackets have the option to be extended manually.


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3. Finials

Number of items in a set: 2

Curtain bracket


Usually also called curtain pole ends, curtain finials are decorative ends of the pole. You can replace them without taking the pole down. Clearly, finials are the most visible part of the set when the curtain is hung, so are usually referred to when the style of a pole is mentioned. Note – if you've got limited space above the window, check the length of the finials to ensure they fit, or select short finials like studs, for example.


4. Curtain rings

Number of items in a set: depends on the lengths.

Curtain rings


Curtain rings are curtain pole accessories that are used in conjunction with the coordinating curtain pole. The number of rings depends on the length of the curtains. Generally, you will require one curtain ring per each 10cm of pole. Of course, you can always buy more curtain rings separately. A common misconception - the more rings you put in, the better support you get, especially for heavyweight curtains. This is not true - the support comes from securely fitted brackets and the correct pole diameter. Also, please note that for eyelet curtains you need the eyelet curtain poles category. Eyelet poles do not include rings and are slightly cheaper. If you are looking to replace or add more rings to your pole, ensure that the ring diameter must be about 10mm bigger than your pole diameter. Thus, the rings will work properly.


5. Screws

The number of items depends on the number of brackets.

Finally, the screws. There are two types of screws – fixing screws to fit the brackets and locking screws to secure the pole to the brackets.


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What is not included in a curtain pole set?

Note that curtain hooks are not included in a set. Curtain hooks - also called pin hooks - are curtain accessories that attach curtains to curtain poles. They are needed for pencil pleat or pinch pleat curtains. Unless you have them at home, you will also need to purchase curtain hooks separately to hang a curtain.

How can you know what is in your set before buying?

Pole sets may vary depending on the type and length of the pole. However, to know exactly what your pole set kit includes:

  1. 1.Select your curtain pole at polesandblinds.com
  2. 2.Select your pole length and colour
  3. 3.Click the “Specification” button.




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