Christmas home decorations: wreaths and garlands

For most people, Christmas is their favorite time of the year, and once December arrives, the excitement reaches the fever pitch. During this period, one thing a lot of people like to do is adorn their house in the build-up to Christmas Day. The decorations you cannot do without are Christmas wreaths and garlands. In this post, Poles and Blinds will provide you with some great suggestions on how you can decorate your home with Christmas wreaths and garlands and the various options you have available, as well as some other decorations and festive suggestions for your home.

Christmas Wreath Home Decorations

The great thing about a Christmas wreath is that it can be both an indoor and outdoor decoration. It is something that will add instant holiday cheer to your home. Moreover, when you display your luxury Christmas wreath on your front door, it acts as a warm and festive welcome to anyone who visits your house.

When choosing an outdoor Christmas wreath, make sure that it is in keeping with the architecture of your house. If you go for contrasting styles, it can make the overall appearance somewhat messy and distracting. So, if you have a traditional country cottage, for example, then go for a pine wreath. If you have a modern, new-build, consider going with a contemporary style of wreath, such as a silver Christmas wreath.

Your front door is not the only outside space for you to house your wreath. Another option is to use your windows. If you want to create a dramatic look, you may want to consider hanging wreaths off every window. This is something that works well if you have a line of windows next to one and other. You can also use wreaths inside the house as well. Instead of putting holes in the wall, you may want to simply hang your wreath from a curtain rail instead. Hang the wreath using colourful or festive ribbon to add to the overall appeal.

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Wreath Decorations Ideas

Also think about the decorations that you are going to team with your wreath. Are you going to go for a big red ribbon? This is a great way to create the classic Christmas feel. Maybe you would prefer to go for something more modern, like beads or fairy lights? You can find wreaths that are made from unusual materials, from velvet to feathers. This can add a bit of a modern twist.

There are, of course, Christmas wreath decorations that have a symbolic meaning. For example, red berries are often incorporated, and they are used to represent the blood that Jesus shed for us. It can be easy to lose track of the significant meaning of this special holiday, and what it is all really about, and thus incorporating traditional symbols within your decorations is a beautiful reminder of why we celebrate December 25th.

There is no limit when it comes to decorating your home with a wreath. A lot of people feel that a wreath’s place is only on the front door. But, the opportunities are endless, and there are no rules about how creative you can be. Perhaps you would like to add a wreath to the back of your dining chairs? Maybe you would like to use it is a festive table centrepiece? You could always place some cinnamon-scented red candles in the middle for an added festive feel.

Christmas Garlands To Suit Every Home And Every Taste

Looking to add an instant touch of appeal and festive spirit to your home this Christmas? There is no easier way to decorate like a pro than to buy lengths of artificial Christmas garland to use throughout your home. Read on for a few ideas on how to use it.

The choice available on the market nowadays really is extraordinary. Here, you’ll find almost every type of garland imaginable. You may wish to choose one special type of Christmas garland to run throughout the whole house or perhaps mix and match different combinations for the shabby chic look. Perhaps you want to add a warm glow by choosing pre-lit garlands. You could even add glitz and glamour by winding some tinsel around to catch and reflect the light.

No matter how you go about it, you’ll be thrilled with the overall effect. Where should you place the garlands around your home? The choice is yours. You can opt for a restrained, minimalist look by placing one or two strategically around the focal point of each room.

Alternatively, festoon every picture rail, mantelpiece and staircase bannister with Christmas garlands galore, suspending matching wreaths from them at intervals. Why not make the decorating a real, family event, letting each and every member have a say in where decorations go? Good quality artificial garlands are constructed of strong and durable materials, making sure they’re sturdy enough to survive even the most excitable family members!

Christmas-Themed Decorations

Now that we have gone over the traditional Christmas decorations, we are going to take a look at some of the Winter Wonderland inspired Christmas decorations you can go for. This includes everything from polar bears to icicles and snowflakes. You can have little touches like this dotted around your home to create a beautiful Christmas-inspired setting, which has that festive, magical quality to it.

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