Windowsill Ideas

Internal windowsills can be compared to mantlepieces and it can be a handy place to store your home accessories. There are a few rules that you need to follow here. The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your display is not going to block out any light and that it is also not going to interfere with your curtains or your blinds. You also need to make sure that your windowsill is wide enough to support any accessories. If you can ensure this is the case, then your imagination is the only limit. So, here are windowsill decoration ideas from Poles and Blinds.



Breakfast Space

Breakfast Windowsill Space

Image by aldridgejulie (@aldridgejulie)

Small kitchens usually do not have a space for a dining area. To fix this, use your windowsill as a table. Whether it’s a narrow or a wide windowsill, you can always find some space for a couple of cups and plates. Sometimes such a space is enough for dining and other meals, too.


"Our kitchen is really tiny so every nook and corner has to count. I added new tiles to the windowsill and created scaffold board tables to extend the width wide enough to sit at for coffee and breakfast without taking up too much space."

Julie @aldridgejulie

Windowsill Jungle

Windowsill Jungle

Image by Plant Your Life (@plant_your_life_)

Houseplants really have never been more in fashion than they are right now. They are ideal if you want to add some life and vibrancy. On top of this, they easily add colour to a room too. Think about having a row of old-school plants in terracotta pots. This is a really classic look and it can also give you some room to accessorize the rest of the room with any colour you want. The classic terracotta look is ideal if you want to keep your home looking fresh. You don’t have to be Alan Titchmarsh to keep your plants looking healthily. As long as your plants are well-watered and fertilised, you shouldn’t have any issues at all in achieving the best possible look.


"Here are the plants that will thrive on your a windowsill.

Aloe Vera. It enjoys basking in bright, direct light, so it’ll absolutely love living on your windowsill. It’s notoriously easy to look after, too – on top of making sure it gets lots of sunlight, you’ll only need to water it when the topsoil dries out.

Spiral Cactus. This weird and wonderful cactus is sure to make an eye-catching addition to any windowsill display. It’ll only need watering when the soil is 100% dried out, so you won’t need to worry about it too much, either.

Queen Victoria agave. Queen Victoria agave is a hardy succulent that loves lots of sun. They’re pretty hard to kill because they’re drought resistant and only need watering every one to two weeks, so they make a perfect option for beginners.

African Milk Tree - Euforbia Trigona. This eye-catching succulent was recently named one of most popular houseplants in 2021. Water this plant when the soil has completely dried out to keep its deep red foliage looking its best.

Bird of Paradise. The younger version of this plant would look great on a windowsill. It’s native to South Africa where the weather is warm and arid, so it’ll love a dry, sunny spot like the windowsill. Water when the top of the soil is dry and wipe its leaves every few weeks to remove dust."

Roberto @plant_your_life_

Bedside Windowsill

If you have a very skinny bedroom then believe it or not, you can double-up your chunky windowsill and make it into a bedside table. You can also extend it a bit if you need more width. Add a lamp or anything that you’d normally put on your bedside table, to make it into a space that is aesthetically pleasing and practical.


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Black matt curtain pole

Minimalistic Windowsill

Minimalistic Windowsill

Image by mittljusa_hem (@mittljusa_hem)

You really do not want to overfill your sill and block out any light. Slim metallic candle holders or even potted ivy plants are all ideal. You can also add an elegant watering can if you want to tie the theme together. This will help you to get the best result out of your design and it will also help you to avoid going over the top if that is something that you are concerned about.

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Matching poles and holdbacks

Windowsill ideas

Another great windowsill idea – select matching details for your windowsill decorations. For example - match poles with holdbacks and your interior, like a picture frame. A pair of holdbacks that coordinate with your curtain pole can add a beautiful finishing touch to your windows. It can also keep curtains held back and away from your windows and let more sunlight into your room.

Poles and Blinds offers a wide range of matching curtain holdbacks for various interiors.

One Long Planter

You don’t have to go for a lot of miniature pots on your windowsill if you don’t want. You can instead, opt for one long window box instead. If you do this, then make sure that you fill them with succulents. They are neat, very modern and they also add a sculptural look to the room. Just make sure that they have enough water to drain so that they don’t end up damaging the paintwork on your windowsill. This idea is also ideal if you have some window seats.

Suspend Some Pots

Suspend Some Pots

Image by Mo (@mo_morshuis)

Do you want to have a herb garden but don’t have a windowsill in which to house your pots? Why not create one with a hanging rail so that the pots can be suspended. This will add instant interest to your windowsill, and it will also add some greenery, which is very important given the natural light. You can easily have plants such as basil or coriander if you have a small kitchen and want your pots to have a practical purpose.


Frames on windowsill

Image by Claire Vowell (@housekidscats)

Sometimes windows can look blank. To change it, add some frames with photos or prints. Use the frames to create a graphical display and match them with other details on the windowsill, like pots. It will also give you the chance to add a lot of character to the room as well.

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Glass Vase

Glass vases that come in jewelled colours are ideal for windowsills and they do look fantastic. The light just streams through them and it enhances the colour. You don’t need to choose a lot of different vases. Sometimes one small vase on a sill can still give you that very striking effect. You can also opt for rich colour, as it’s particularly effective if it’s very bright outside. If you want to add contrast, make sure that you add vases of different heights.



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