Small garden ideas

A lot of houses don’t have much space for their back garden. However, all of us want our gardens to look beautiful, don’t we? And many of us would prefer to have a small back garden than not have one at all. So, we have gathered here some small back garden ideas to maximise your outside space. Make your small garden look bigger than it really is with these back garden ideas from Poles and Blinds.

Use large and small planters

Use large and small planters

Image by loving_my_garden (@loving_my_garden)


When you’re low on space, you can’t have many plants and shrubs in the garden. To get more plants into less space, use big planters. They look tidy and stylish when you use the same material for all the planters in your garden. However, if you have a window that faces your garden, opt for small planters under and onto the window. This is an excellent spot for small plants. You can also attach a shelf underneath it to place a planter on. However, don’t use large plants near the window that could block your view out.

Use vertical space

Use vertical space

Image by From Hatfield to Home (@from_hatfield_to_home)


The horizontal space is limited in small gardens, which makes it hard to have very many plants. However, you can go vertical to use more plants. You could use a vertical rack with space for small and medium-size planters. Small plants are best to use in a vertical frame like this. They won’t interfere with each other as they go. A garden wall is another excellent small back garden idea for using vertical space. It is easy to make a garden wall, all you will need to do is to install hooks into your wall and hang some planters. You can use the wall of your house that adjoins the garden, or a boundary wall. The wall can act as a focal point in the garden. Place some chairs nearby to create a pretty seating area.


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Create some shelves

Shelves are one of the best places to put some plant containers without taking up a lot of space in the garden. Make these shelves yourself or ask a professional to install some for you. They will allow you to place more planters. It’s a good idea to place these shelves onto a wall, rather than the garden fence, as a fence might not be able to hold their weight.


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Use blue plants at the edges

Use blue plants at the edges

Image by STEPHANIE FOX (@loving_my_garden)


"Tips for a small garden:
1. Place benches next to wall to make more space.
2. Consider trees. Conical trees like Erecta give height without taking much space and are great for small gardens.
3. Terracotta pots I place on a small table gives a different level.
4. Place slabs or any sort of paving diagonal.
5. Soften your garden by planting hedges instead of fencing which will encourage wildlife."

Stephanie @loving_my_garden

Paint the surroundings in white

Paint the surroundings in white

Image by Sophie (@scandi_bythesea)


Have you ever thought of what colour fence paint makes garden look bigger? White paint - because of the way it brightens and lightens - is a popular choice to help you make the most of a small space. Use white painted brickwork, and white garden furniture to create the illusion of space. You can use this style to paint the areas that surround your garden in white to make it look brighter and more open.


"Tip №1 is definitely measure and map out: we laid all the concrete breeze blocks out in different designs to ensure we were utilising every part of the space.

Tip 2 is think outside the box! Because our yard is tiny- and I mean tiny, there was no room for storage. We had to come up with a way of creating some storage space, so of our benches is hinged as is the little table, and we can store all our garden tools in there - watering cans, trowels, spades, bags of compost etc."

Sophie @scandi_bythesea

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Grow tall plants

Sometimes, to make a small garden work best, you have to think big. A lot of small gardens only use very tiny plants. Adding some taller plants and flowers will make the garden look pretty. It also will help to create layers of heights to make the space feel bigger than it really is. You could use plants like wild irises, foxgloves, Verbebce bonariensis, verbascums, and strelitzias to add height. All of these are easily available in garden centres. You can also use climbers like honeysuckle, clematis, and jasmine on your walls and fences, or over arches to add more height.


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Divide into zones

Divide into zones

Image by Garden & Home Decor(@myhomemygardenmystyle)


If you can, try to divide your small garden up into some different zones. For example, create a seating area near the house, and place arch in a border along the edge of it. A winding path through your plants will make the journey through the garden slowler, tricking the mind into thinking there is more space in the garden. 

"I go for hardy plants, mostly evergreens. And every year about this time I’m moving them around making space for more plants. Every year I think I’m done then I want to add more and change it around again. A couple of years ago we added the composite decking so I could have a sofa seating area as I had a dining table on the patio. It’s expensive but worth it. We moved the fence to make more space as it’s on top of some of the old driveway, so we made our garden bigger for that."

Jo @myhomemygardenmystyle


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Trail plants on the fence

Make more use of your fence by adding colour to the garden without taking up a lot of space. Climber plants and trellises can make a lot of difference to sprucing up a small garden, as they will lift the shrubs and flowers upwards. A beautiful fence covered with beautiful and eye-catching flowers can attract the attention of visitors to the garden. It will also take the focus away from the small space. After all, if people’s attention is caught by a cascade of red roses climbing up your garden fence, who cares about the dimensions of your garden?

Don’t clutter with plants

Clutter will it make it seem like you have a lot less space. Cluttered space can make even a large garden make it feel smaller with less room to move around in it. Therefore, you definitely shouldn’t clutter your small garden with lots of plants. Be selective.



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