How to Redecorate living room on a budget

Sometimes giving your home a little makeover is needed, especially when it comes to your living room. However, any type of redecorating in your living room can cost a lot of money, right? Well, not necessarily! If you want to do a little bit of re-decorating, you can do, even if money is limited. Here are some budget redecorating living room ideas from Poles and Blinds

Rearrange The Furniture


Kirsten @designs_bykirst

Some things in life are free, and one way to transform your living room can be by rearranging the furniture. This costs you nothing and could actually make a big difference in how your living room space looks and feels. When you first move into your property, you’ve likely kept everything in a particular place and not bothered to move it since. Why would you when you feel it’s in the right place? However, you can find that certain items of your interiors could work in a different space altogether. Whether you attempt to bring your sofa away from the wall and into a new location or you move your side tables to a different spot in the room, look at what can be rearranged in the space. Play around with ideas, moving the bigger items of furniture first. 

Rearranging your furniture could be the small change needed to help give your space that refresh. Sometimes we get bored of our homes when spending every day in them, so it’s good to do something that gives you instant results.

"My advice I always give when decorating is less is more. For example, when decorating a smaller home, buy furniture that makes sense. Utilize the space to the best of your ability! Functionality will in fact make a space more appealing and welcoming. I also say decorate in three’s. Three pieces help balance out each object."

Kirsten @designs_bykirst

Touch Up Scuff Marks With Paint


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The power of paint is certainly a powerful thing worth taking advantage of. Over time, scuff marks and scratches can appear. It’s typical wear and tear, but it can make the home look tired and unkempt. However, paint can play a powerful role in making your home look and feel brand new again. The cost of paint is very affordable nowadays. So, if you’re fancying a change of colour or just want to touch up certain areas, do it! Painting can be a great way to transform a room. It’s something that can be done successfully when you’re on a budget too.

Wallpaper used to be super popular and still is. However for a more fuss-free option, paint is the way to go.

"I always create a moodboard when I’m planning rooms to make sure the colours, textures and finishes I’m considering are well balanced. I look for colours that complement each other on a colour wheel and always get testers of everything from fabrics to paint to check they’re right together. Paint is the easiest way to update a living room on a budget, whether that’s a feature wall or going to whole hog and painting your radiators and woodwork to match your walls."

Laura @lauraccrombie

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Switch Up Your Soft Furnishings

Your soft furnishings can be anything from your rugs to the towels in your bathroom. In the living space, you might have rugs, blinds or curtains and cushions on your sofa. All of this can be very versatile, and you could switch up your soft furnishings without having to go to the extent of replacing your sofa because you wanted a different colour or texture. With things like your cushions, for example, you could easily keep a neutral sofa and then add colour through the cushion covers. This makes it a much more affordable option, and you can then style your living room to go with whatever season or time of year it may be.

Rugs are a great thing to have in your living room, especially when covering vast floor spaces or for underneath your coffee table. Switch this out every so often to have a different texture or style within the room.


Incorporate Some Nature

Nature is a lovely addition to have in your home. It can add a splash of colour, whilst also making your home feel fresh and clean. Buying plants or flowers doesn’t cost much. You can even get some faux plants so that you dont need to worry about watering them. That being said, there’s plenty of indoor plants available online and down your local garden centre, which are fairly hard to kill anyway. Even if you forget to water them, there are certain ones that’ll thrive in the harshest of weather conditions. 

Try to place some plants around the living space, whether it’s a big cheese plant in the corner of the room or a bouquet of flowers on a side table.


Add Colour With Artwork

Artwork can really help to add a splash of colour, especially when you’re trying to keep other areas of the room in a neutral shade. If you’ve not got any artwork up on your walls currently, then now is the time to purchase some. Many people will feel like artwork is too expensive, but the demand for affordable products means there’s plenty of online stores that can provide poster versions of famous prints for less than £5. Create a collage on your wall or use different layout styles across the space. It can be a great way of giving your space that pop of colour you are looking for. It makes such a big difference and like with any art, it can help you feel good in the space you’re in.

"When it comes to gallery walls, I collect art as I go. I buy from various artists, charity shops and places like Etsy, but I also collect greetings cards as that is a really affordable way to make a gallery wall fill up with statement prints. With other rooms, I try to keep them looking fresh and new by making use of what I already have at home. Sometimes I move things to different rooms, sometimes I upcycle what I have and I am always being given family furniture, paintings or other things that look nice in my home. I also use a similar colour palette in my whole house, so I use the same paint colour or wallpaper in different spaces. It means I don't have lots of half empty tins of expensive paint."

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Vary Your Lighting

If you want to make your living room look more expensive for less, then look at your lighting. Many people often stick with a lighting fixture of the ceiling and sometimes a floor or a side lamp. When it comes to the living space, try to vary your lighting so that you have a bit of everything. If you can have some form of hanging light from the ceiling, then that will give the upper portion of the room, some interest. Take it down to the floor with a floor lamp and incorporate some side table lighting too. This will help your guests to take in all aspects of the room and to have different levels of lighting in terms of brightness.

Lighting really does help set the mood and ambience of the living area, so be daring in your choices. Don’t forget that natural lighting is just as important too!

"My inspiration comes from scrolling through Instagram and home brochures and picking the bits that are very eye pleasing to me. To get items on a budget I truly believe it’s all about shopping around and checking which has the best price or is there something a lot cheaper that you could up cycle to get the same finish."

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Advice from Poles and Blinds

Check Poles and Blinds Special Offers page for great deals on curtain poles, tracks and accessories. Also, you can add interesting details to your room by matching curtain holdbacks with your poles. On the picture above - Cameron Fuller Ball Post Metal Curtain Holdback for £28.40. 

Bear in mind that you can always update your curtain hooks or gliders if they are worn out to refresh the way your curtain hang.

Redecorating your living room on a budget is certainly doable, so use these tips to transform your living space.

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