Curtain Poles

We pride ourselves on our hand picked selection of curtain poles which will suit all periods of houses and styles of interior decor. If you are not familiar with the huge range of styles and types available online, then please visit this information page with details on the different styles of poles for curtains. The section covers contemporary metal poles for modern homes and apartments and classic wooden poles for a more traditional or country style decor. One of our best selling product lines are our poles for bay windows including regular 3 sided bays and 5 sided bays

Designer Window Furnishings & Accessories

In this section you can view our extensive collection by type which includes furnishings for bays and extra large windows to curtain rods for hanging eyelet curtains as well as more specialist solutions which incorporate corded or electronic devices for operating your curtains. Accessories such as curtain rings can be purchased separately as certain curtain styles such as multi pocket tape headings and pencil pleat curtains may require extra rings. Extra brackets, connectors, curtain holdbacks and even draw rods are available here to add that finishing touch for a beautiful window dressing.

Choosing the right Pole

When choosing a pole for your curtains, you need to firstly bear in mind the weight and style of your curtains as well as the shape of your windows. Light weight curtains can fit onto any diameter curtain pole but are generally better suited to thin poles with a diameter of 19mm or below. 28mm diameter poles are ideal for supporting most medium to heavy weight curtains, 35mm diameters for heavier fabrics and for very large full length curtains with heavy fabric and interlining we supply poles with diameters of up to 50mm for metal poles and 63mm for wood.

Help and Advice

Our guides section offers helpful advice and easy to follow step by step instructions for measuring and fitting as well as supporting videos and detailed explanations. Detailed instructions for fitting can also be found on each product page, as well as in the packaging of each pole set. 

Discounted Poles

In the special offers section you will find all pole kits with extra discounts applied. Here at we are in constant contact with the manufacturers, negotiating special deals and savings which are passed on to you. Deals and promotions last for a limited time only before they are applied to a different collection. In all cases we list the recommended retail price for all the products and then apply the discounted price after searching the internet to ensure our prices remain competitive.